As part of an acquisition, it is frequently needed external support regarding partial and/or total revision of those issues that are of established interest for both parties involved.

On this basis, VALTECSA’s Due Diligence services are instrumental across three areas:

  • Financial: support service to the negotiation of partial or total corporate transactions from different points of view (buyer, seller and intermediaries). It involves processes such as official documentary analysis, accounting review and, where appropriate, compliance tests, producing a final report that determines and quantifies the most relevant considerations in terms of risk.
  • Real Estate: linked to two parts: normative (licences, urban planning compliance…) and technical (areas, technical specifications, project reviews…)
  • Industrial: it is carried over installations and its compliance with specific or general regulations, or over manufacturing processes, supply chain and real production capacity.

Under these three areas, the degree of application is broad and diverse. We can offer advice as to what services are of greater or lesser implementation based on deadlines, budget and added value but, in any case, considering that VALTECSA  has accredited professionals across the three disciplines in the Due Diligence field (industrial, financial and real estate).


  • Parties involved in acquisition processes
  • Intermediaries and associate consultants
  • Tax and legal advisers

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