Valtecsa develops its services in different professional disciplines:

financial, real estate and industrial


Within the financial area, VALTECSA provides consultancy and advisory services with valuation as its main field. Our expert team includes accredited accountants, business valuation experts, statutory auditors and other top-level financial credentials (IARCs, EFA).

Our services cover the following needs

Transactions (Mergers and Acquisitions)

  • Business Valuations for IPOs
  • Equity Valuations (global and minority shareholdings)
  • Due Diligence (sellers and buyers)
  • Development of information memorandums in sales processes
  • Support in negotiations

Management Consultancy

  • Support in the enforcement of IAS-IFRS policies
  • Fair value appraisals for guarantee purposes
  • Support for capitalisation brochures
  • Market studies
  • Transparency (transfer pricing)
  • Goodwill
  • Detection and identification of intangible assets
  • Accounting reviews
  • Business Plan Development
  • Support in refinancing processes
  • Expert opinion

Specific Procedures Support

  • Non-monetary contributions
  • Reports for the Mercantile Registry
  • Valuation of intangibles for legal guarantee
  • Reports for debt deferrals (Tax Agency, Social Security)
  • Support for expropriations
  • Development and support in PPA processes


  • Financial Expert opinion
  • Accounting reviews
  • Profit losses and emerging damage estimation
  • Contractual studies
  • Legal Disputes

Public-Private Collaboration

  • Feasibility studies of public-private collaboration projects.
  • Economic-financial structuring of Public Infrastructures and Services Contracts.

Real Estate

Within the real estate area, VALTECSA provides valuation, advisory and consultancy services regarding any type of real estate, as well as rights, licences and leases associated with the ownership of a property.

Our services cover the following needs


  • Assessment (market value, quick sale or liquidation value)
  • RICS valuations
  • Mortgage (Spanish regulations)
  • Valuations of Concessions and Surface Rights
  • Valuations for expropriation purposes
  • Expert opinion

Real Estate Strategic Consulting

Customer orientated service about the different possibilities offered by a Real Estate Asset


  • Feasibility Studies/ Asset Repositioning / Asset Transformation
  • Business Plan Development
  • Asset Disinvestment


  • Commercial Due Diligence.
  • Technical Due Diligence.
  • Project Monitoring.
  • Sale and Rent Market Reports
  • Urban Planning Reports
  • Real Estate Tax advisory
Valoración hipotecaria
For this, part of
  • A strategic approach to the customer.
  • Technical and business analysis of the real estate portfolio.
  • Knowledge of the real estate market:
    • Legal and urban management
    • Technical management
    • Business managemen

As a result, alternatives and solutions aimed at optimum market positioning are generated, maximising the value and liquidity of the assets.


Within the industrial sector, VALTECSA provides advisory and consultancy services regarding the valuation of any aspect of the productive set of a company.

Our services cover the following needs

  • Asset valuations as support to corporate operations (buying and selling, capital increases, grants, etc.)
  • Advisory in the determination of insurable capitals for damage policies.
  • Valuations as support of security transactions and pledges.
  • Advisory on asset depreciation policies: the modification of the depreciation criteria (for taxation or operational reasons) requires a suitable justification and an independent expert’s opinion is advisable.
  • Determination of assets’ fair value for accounting purposes (updating of accounting values, re-evaluation of assets, etc.)
  • Determination of the market value and/or the liquidation value in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Implementation of stocks and asset inventories.
  • Financial reconciliation: process which deepens in the identification of the accounting records (with depreciation factors or not) with physical assets that are available in the company. It also generates an effective means to manage reinvestment forecasts and anticipate obsolescence problems.
  • Analysis of assets’ useful lives in order to adjust capital investments and provide complementary information for the annual accounts.
  • PPA (Price Purchase Allocation) processes in the accounting distribution of the total price paid over the different factors that make up the transaction.

The bases of value, depending on the situation, can be

  • Market value
  • Fair value
  • Liquidation value

In the calculation of the value, issues such as the replacement value, useful lives, physical depreciation or second-hand market values, will be taken into consideration.

Valuation scenarios to be managed include

  • On-going use: it takes into account the valuation of assets maintaining the activity for which they have been designed and the same setting in which they are placed.
  • Liquidation use: considers the cease of a business or the presumption of a quick sale.

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