The main objective of our financial consulting services is to provide professional advice in order to solve management, operational and business problems.

To do this, we provide the necessary external advice with the objective of having a reliable administrative management and, with the continuous updating of processes and methods, collaborating in the creation and interpretation of the management information.

In addition, we also carry out the analysis, evaluation and implementation of new projects and business valuations for buying, selling, splitting or merging processes.

Our financial consultancy services include:

  • Business valuations and business plan developments, including feasibility studies of investment projects by means of financial simulation models.
  • Valuations of customers’ portfolios and equity stakes for the buying and selling processes of business units.
  • Valuation for the purposes of preparing financial reporting derived from the application of accounting regulations.


  • Public Administration
  • Businesses/Companies
  • Law firms
  • Tax advisers

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