Stock and Record Inventory

The development of inventories is a task that often requires not only the involvement of the business’ personnel, but also collaboration with external agents. These agents are used to the implementation of both its physical part (quantification, distribution, application of procedures that optimise processes and result verification), as well as to the implementation of tools that allow information analysis and its future use by the company.

VALTECSA run very often inventories of all kinds of assets organised by families and locations, determining differences with initial/accounting information, as well as the deficiencies that may arise within the activation process.

In this respect, our work covers the following:

  • Inventory management.
  • Inventory generation in electronic format under different levels of explication:
    a) General summary.
    b) Individualisation by record or specific summary by item type.

Inventory management generally requires the approval by a third party (auditors) and it is used to complete the true image of the company’s assets in their annual accounts. Furthermore, where applicable, they support the company’s management for processing its parts in a more effective and efficient way.


  • Financial management and accounting
  • Operations and Maintenance Management
  • Shareholders and investors

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